You’re doing it. Chasing your dreams, ignoring the haters, and running your own business. But the road to startup success can be peppered with pitfalls. How do you know you’re on the right track?

An awesome startup attorney can help keep your dream going strong. Munoz Law’s Advisor Role creates a strategic partnership that enables you to assess your legal needs, spot potential issues (before they pop up), and plan your path forward.


As part of your team, I can help you survey the nooks and crannies of your business, from the revenue model to your intellectual property portfolio and more, developing a Legal Road Map to guide your business toward success.

Services List

  • Oversight & management of your legal needs
  • Legal Road Map developed for your startup
  • On-call advice to founders
  • Periodic legal audits to asses your needs and plan of attack
  • Business Plan development, review, & refinement
  • Preparing for Due Diligence for funding & acquisitions
  • IP audit and strategy sessions
  • Customized legal templates tailored to your needs

Business Formation

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Business Formation

All great journeys start with one step. Your first: forming a business entity. Munoz Law works with you to help ensure that your first step leads you in the right direction.

There’s plenty to consider: laws, liability, taxes, and future funding options, among others factors. We can work with your tax advisor to help find your ideal entity—and get you up and running.


Newsflash: creating an entity isn’t enough—you need to support it with the right founding documents. Munoz Law’s Founder Basics bundle includes required filings, operating agreements or by-laws, trademark name analysis, and more essentials for you brand new business. Sweet!

Services List

  • Business Formation & Startup Counseling
    • Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Corporations (including C-corps, S-corps, and B-corps), Joint Ventures, and L3Cs
  • Business Formalities
    • We’ll help you scope out which docs your startup needs, including:
      • Employment, Consulting, and Independent Contractor Agreements
      • Employee Policies and Guidelines
      • Confidentiality Agreements, NDAs, IP Invention Assignments, Non-Compete Agreements, and more IP agreements
      • By-Laws, Operating Agreements, Co-Founder & Shareholder Agreements, and more

IP Protection

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IP Protectio

Got a million-dollar idea? Awesome! Now make sure it’s yours—and yours alone.

As a startup, Intellectual Property (IP) is often your most valuable asset. If you don’t lock it down, there’s a good chance someone else will.

Whether you need to trademark a logo, copyright content, assign IP, protect trade secrets, or just scope out your options, we’re here to help you assess, address, and execute your IP strategy.


Plenty of startups underestimate the importance of IP. Don’t be one of them. Without proper protections, it’s easy for anyone to steal your great idea: a competitor, a patent troll, or even a founder-gone-rogue. We work with you to build a powerful force-field around your IP.


  • Developing IP Protection Strategies
  • Searches, Recommendations, and Filings for Trademarks and Copyrights
  • Preparing and Filing IP Applications in the US and Internationally (we can collaborate with foreign counsel or file via the World Intellectual Property Organization)
  • Trade Secret Protocol (identify confidential and proprietary information) and TS Enforcement Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements, IP Assignment Agreements

IP Capitalization

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IP Capitalization

Like making money? Yeah, thought so. Your Intellectual Property (IP) can earn your startup major moolah—but the path isn’t always obvious.

We can help you evaluate the risks and rewards of potential licensing, royalty, and franchising deals, allowing you to make informed decision for your startup’s profitability.


Munoz Law can help you plot a plan to monetize your IP. We can assist in identifying opportunities, advising on risk avoidance and compliance issues, and executing deals—we’ll even go to up to bat for you, negotiating on your behalf.


  • Negotiating and Preparing Domestic & International* Licensing Agreements
  • End User / Open Source / Software Licensing Agreements
  • Joint development projects and join rights to intellectual property
  • Royalty Splits
  • Franchising Agreements

* In collaboration with foreign attorneys

Someone’s infringing on your intellectual property. Now what?!

Don’t let the IP bandits nab your million-dollar idea: fight back! Protecting is essential, but it’s only half the battle. To enforce your rights, you need to actively police. We help startups stand up against pretenders, plagiarizers, and outright thieves.


Your patents, trademarks, and copyrights don’t mean much if you can’t enforce them. Emblem IP can help you stand up for your rights and shut down the phonies, whether with a sharp-toothed Cease & Desist letter or further action. Don’t be intimidated by IP infringers—Emblem IP’s got your back.


  • IP Infringement Issues
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) compliance
  • Domain Name Disputes
  • US Patent and Trademark Office & Trademark Trial and Appeal Board matters
  • International IP enforcement
  • Cease and Desist letters and responses
  • Mediation and Settlement Services

Preparing To Finance

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Preparing To Finance

Millions of funding dollars can hinge on your 2-minute pitch. But no pressure, right?

We can help you secure outside funding, whether you’re approaching friends and family, angel investors, or bigwig VCs.

Hone your pitch, do you due diligence, and negotiate for fair compensation: we help whip up all the ingredients that go into a good deal.


We’ll bring in outside counsel to help guide your funding efforts from pre-pitch prep to signing on the dotted line. Sharpen your presentation, polish that business plan, and let us walk you through the fine print.


  • Perfect Your Pitch
    • We recruit industry experts for a mock panel. They’ll hear your pitch, provide frank feedback, and perform a financial audit of your terms.
  • Paper the Deal
    • We handle all the paperwork involved in a funding deal, from term sheets to contracts and agreements.
  • Advice on fair compensation, what options to offer, and due diligence on the investors

Damage Control

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When things take a nasty turn, turn to us for help.

Facing a suit that came out of left field? Founder walked away with your IP? Someone sullying your good name? Whatever the crisis, we’ll do our best to help you recover and ensure it never happens again.


We get it. As a startup, you’re still figuring things out, bootstrapping your business, and may have run into some legal trouble. It happens. We’ll help you manage damage control and plan for the future.

Sadly, we lost our magic wand and can’t undo every disaster. What we can do is assess where you stand, advise your next steps, and help prevent future fiascos.


  • Online Disputes:
    • Domain name infringements, DCMA take-downs, open source issues, and more
    • Privacy Policy and User Term audits
  • Patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret infringement strategies
  • Mediation or arbitration negotiations

General Contracts

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General Contracts

Ah, the ties that bind. Contracts are the basic building blocks of business: good ones can be your sword and shield, but one shoddy contract can spell startup doom.

Never fear! Crafting quality contracts is what we live for. We can help to put key provisions in place, decipher legalese mumbo-jumbo, and make sure everyone’s complying.


Some startups take a DIY approach to contracts. Not a great idea. Don’t trust online templates—get a real attorney to look over all your binding agreements.

Whether you’re finalizing a complex funding agreement or just need a tight Terms of Use, we can assist you with virtually any contract.

Services List

  • Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, & End User License Agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
  • Employment and Work-for-Hire Agreements
  • Co-founder and Technology Assignment Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Agreements
  • Much more. Contact us to see how we can help your contract needs.

Patent Search

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Patent Search

Patents: the big guns of IP protection. Filing a patent can make or break your startup. While not an easy process, it can be absolutely pivotal.

Although Munoz Law doesn't lead the patent process ourselves, we can help perform a pre-patent search, advise on patentability, and collaborate with a premier team of all-star patent attorneys.


When considering a patent, there are plenty of questions to ponder: Is your idea already patented? Should you file a provisional application or a full-fledged one? How can you protect patents globally? Munoz Law can help sort out the answers and get you on the right track.

By collaborating with the right patent attorneys, we can help your startup: perform due diligence; scope out prior art (i.e., existing patents); map a long-term patent strategy; decide between filing a provision or full application; file internationally; and enforce your rights.


  • Developing policing strategies
  • Patentability searches and recommendations
  • Preparing and filing both US and international patent applications
  • Preparing and negotiating patent licenses

Brand Protection

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Brand Protection

You register your business name, pay top dollar for a shiny new logo, plaster it on some sweet merchandise—only to find out its infringing on another brand. Yikes.

Before shelling out your hard-earned cash, let us perform a Brand Audit to determine how can legally use that awesome brand name.


Did you know that a similar color scheme could constitute IP infringement? And despite the fact that you inked your brand name with the state, another company could already have the IP rights to it. And what are your options if someone else is camping on your brand’s domain name?

Let us help you sort out these issues before investing in expensive branding efforts.


  • Brand Audit
    • Due diligence on your brand name: we’ll ensure you have the rights to use the brand as you wish, before you commit your resources.
  • Brand Role Model
    • We’ll check out the brands that have come before you, helping you learn from their mistakes and emulate their success.
  • Brand Protection
    • Once your brand is in place, we can help protect it from illegal infringement.

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