I feel so empowered and BOLD after attending WE Fest 2014, that I had to share a little bit of my personal experience there.

Just how some folks go to Burning Man to feel connected with a creative source, I went to WE Fest to feel connected to the power of bold women entrepreneurs. From the hosts, Joanne Wilson and Nancy Hechinger, to the speakers and panelists, and all the wonderful attendees- if anyone ever doubted that women can kick butt in business, this was the event to shatter that false perception.

First, there is something very amazing about a room full of entrepreneurs, no matter what the gender. At WE Fest though, I felt a very palpable rush of excitement from every conversation I had, from every woman I met, and from all the great and valuable information I was exposed to in the span of two days.

I got so excited, that I literally stopped by every event in the AM session, starting with Leap to Launch that covered the ins and outs of an early stage business and ending with Business Building, a panel devoted to finding the right partnerships and investors and protecting your intellectual property (I’ll even admit, this made me geek out a little).

Bottom line: In all, I left with a lot of knowledge, a full tank of fuel to keep my own business endeavors going, a strong network of friends, and a little kick of BOLDNESS to keep me dreaming big.

Do not feel bad that you missed out on this awesomeness, check out the entire event via streaming video here!