Grumpy Cat owner awarded over $700,000 in lawsuit. Cat still won’t smile. -WP 

El famoso gato known as Grumpy Cat has been at the heart of a copyright case in a California federal court.

Grumpy Cat Limited sued the owners of Grenade Coffee Company for exceeding (overstepping) the terms of their contractural agreement regarding rights to use Grumpy Cat’s copyright image on Grenade’s coffee products.  The company only had the right to sell an iced drink called “Grumppuccino,” but started selling other coffee products with Grumpy’s image on it- a violation of Grumpy’s Copyright.  The court found in favor of Grumpy, thus awarding him a total of $700k in Copyright violation damages.

Lesson: Register your works with the Copyright Office, that way you can protect your rights and have legal recourse (ex. sue for damages in court like Grumpy).

Fun fact: Grumpy Cat’s Net Worth is $100 Million #Meow$$$

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