That dude just made a shoe with his printer. And he can talk on it too. (no really, see for yourself: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/22293523)

Yes, the possibilities are endless. 3-D printers are here to change the world. Insert the sound of fireworks here.

Picture it, 2013, you are sitting in the comforts of your home and you happen to have this futuristic apparatus that is now known as the 3-D printer, and you run out of clean forks. What do you do? Do you clean that fork that has been sitting in your sink for the past two days? Uh, no. That’s too 2012. You look to your 3-D printer, enter in the ‘FORK’ code (the instructions, if you will) and BOOM: a fork is printed. Problem=Solved

So now, let’s get over the fact that you may think this fork example is lame, and think of the amazing opportunities that will come from this beautiful machine. In fact, the medical profession has already been revolutionized by the use of 3-D Printing in dental fabrication and prosthetics manufacturing. Now, patients in need of artificial limbs have access to such custom-fitted prosthetics that the use and rehabilitation facilitated by this technology is on a level NEVER imagined. What was once considered something ordinary and at times, dehumanizing, can now be something amazing and cool. All because of 3-D printing, and we are just at the beginning.

Some have started to use this technology for the creation of human tissues and organs, known as bioprinting. Yes, literally, this printer has the potential to save lives! It is too soon too speculate, but maybe soon, the folks that are on the never-ending organ transplant lists, can start to have hope in the fact that one day the possibility of a custom-made organ can help save their life.

Bottom Line: If this doesn’t blow you away, then you should rethink your life. But really, 3-D Printers- not even Marty McFly could have imagined this.